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Double page spread for Popshot Magazine

The oak wife 2.png

Speculative Illustration for The Guardian

George Monbiot editorial piece.png
George monbiot pic in article.png

Speculative Illustration for BBC Wildlife

BBC Wildlife piece.png
Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 15.58.46.png

Speculative Illustration for The Washington Post

Washington post piece pink.png

This is a speculative illustration for an article in the Washington Post about rising rent within cities, forcing millions to relocate. The article interviews a single mum describing the harsh reality of working full time and still struggling to pay rent all while taking care of her children. I felt this story really highlighted the impact of 

increasingly unaffordable housing, and so focused my illustration around her story.

In order to develop my skills in editorial illustration I tasked myself will illustrating articles from various publications. In doing so, I am developing my skills in 

interpreting information and reproducing it in an image that aids increased understanding, engagement and discourse around the subject. 

This particular illustration is for an article written by George Monbiot in the Guardian, which discusses the paradox of companies such as Shell using nature based

solutions to capture carbon in the atmosphere in an attempt to offset their co2 emissions. In this illustration I wanted to capture how superficial Shell’s efforts really are, and how simply planting more trees does not end climate change. I used red and yellow tones to hint towards Shell, contrasted with blues to create a dynamic image.

This particular illustration is for an article written on the BBC wildlife website, which published whale and dolphin sightings in Scotland England and Wales.

In this illustration I wanted to capture the feeling of brisk UK weather and sea life. I also wanted to reference Scottish landscape, recreating the 

Outer Hebrides shoreline in the background.

Moonhood Magazine

Illustration by Hannah O'Brien

Be Proactive, Be Productive, Be Perfect is an illustration produced for Moonhood magazine about societal pressures to be motivated and productive during working from home and quarantining as a cause of COVID-19.

Read the article here:

Speculative Illustration for Scriberia

scriberia application Hannah O'Brien.jpg

A speculative Illustration for Scriberia, and Shawn Achor's TedTalk on "positive Psychology".


Elsie Magazine Interview

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