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I am an Illustrator and Animator based in London, and a graduate from Kingston School of Art. I love working on exciting briefs, and finding ways to communicate ideas and issues to a wider audience.


The Open University

The School of Life

Popshot Magazine


CAFIN Clothing

What I've Worked on

I HAD NOTHING by Elyse Kelly - Animator and Clean Up Artist

The Mission, Directed by Jason Carpenter - Animator

Sally's Pigeons Cyndi Lauper Music Video, by Neon Zoo - Animator

BAFTA nominated, Your Mountain Is Waiting, animated film by Hannah Jacobs and Harriet Gillian - Animation Assistant

Kiss The Ground For Regeneration, Directed by Jason Carpenter - Animator and Clean Up Artist

Bad Brain trailer for Bad Brain Studios by Seed Animation - Clean up Artist

Helping Business Flow Sage Ads, by Seed Animation - Clean Up Artist

BlinkInk productions Netflix Headspace Guide to Meditation series - Clean Up Artist and Colourist

Arc Studio's 2021 Lasker Awards animation for The Lasker Foundation - Clean Up Artist and Colourist

Studio Desk Animation's Ted episode 'How Sleep Can Improve Immunity' - Animation Colourist

IRC 'Finding the Courage to Continue on in Greece's Refugee Camps' directed by Jocie Juritz - Clean Up Artist and Colourist

Meow Wolf's Convergence Animated Shorts, directed by Elyse Kelly and Jason Carpenter - Animation Assistant, Clean Up Artist and Colourist.

Fashion Revolution 'Good Clothes Fair Pay' directed by Anna Ginsburg - Clean Up Artist

Camden Town Brewery Christmas Advert, directed by James Papper for BlinkInk Productions - Clean Up Artist and Colourist

Inch's Cider Advert directed by Anna Ginsburg and Leon Washere - Animator


 Creative Conscience 2019: Highly Commended for animated film Friday Afternoon


Copeland Park, Peckham: We're Gonna Need A Bigger Show. 21/06/2019 - 23/06/2019

 Gerald Moore Gallery, Mottingham: Climate Crisis Exhibition. 13/02/2020 - 14/03/2020

 Forsinard Nature Reserve, Sutherland: Bones and Stars.



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